Thursday, February 5, 2009

Accident Prone Weekend

So 2 of our loved ones had a bit of a rough time this last weekend.

First off, my sweet Mother-in-law slipped on black ice running down Millcreek Canyon and ended up with 10 staples in her head & a very sore tailbone. We are so thankful that Angie was there with her and that someone was nice enough to stop and give them a ride. Mom, we love you & wish you a speedy recovery.

Then my cute niece Jane, Andrea's oldest, fell off the bars on the playground, using her arms to break her fall as she fell head-first. She ended up breaking both her radius & ulna in BOTH of her arms right above her wrists. She will be in double casts for 3 weeks. Janie-Roo we love you and hope you heal quickly so you can go back to climbing on any & everything!

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Andrea said...

You are so cute to include Miss Jane in your blog! She is lucky to have such an awesome Aunty! Love you!