Friday, July 17, 2009

Living the High Life

We had such a fun 4th of July weekend up at the cabin. The weather was perfect and the scenery was absolutely beautiful. We had a blast 4-wheeling, hiking, making smores around the bonfire, playing games, and simply hanging out together. We were so glad that the Elggrens were able to drive over for the weekend now that they live in Colorado. We are looking forward to more cabin adventures with them now that they are not as far away.

The hikers- Notice there is no Johnn in the picture. He stayed back at the cabin to do homework. Sorry honey, but I am proud of you for going back to school to get your MBA.

Cute CJ and Brooke

We had such a nice walk over in the national forest, which borders the back of our property. The kids collected every different kind of flower that they found to look up in Nanny's flower book. They are getting to be pretty good with a lot of the names, probably better than I am at it already. The picture with my parents and the tree is what they did for their wedding announcements when they got married. I wish that I had a copy of it, because it was so cute.

The Whitmores

Michael loves 4-wheeling. I love that he will climb up on them and make engine noises. He is such a boy. He Just learned how to push that gas, which he is super excited about. I also love that he grabs your arm to hold around him.

4-wheeling pictures. The bigger one on the bottom left of the Elggrens is where they came in and clearcut the forrest a few years ago. It's so sad to see when you know just how beautiful it used to be, but new trees are starting to grow. For now there are just a bunch of cows there that the kids like to chase.

I just thought this was so cute. Nanny took Michael out on a 4-wheeler ride and he fell asleep while they were going. It was his only nap for the day since he refuses to sleep when there are fun things going on. The poor little guy gets so tired, but he cannot miss a minute of being at his favorite place.

Somethimes I just don't know how I ever functioned without a digital camera. We were trying really hard to get a good picture of the three little ones (Michael, Noah, and Claire), but I seriously took 30+ pictures trying to get one. I couldn't imagine having to pay to get a role of film developed only to end up with a few good pictures. These are a few of my favorites. Michael kept taking his hat on and off, Noah was worried about protecting his can, and Claire was more interested in everything else around her than looking at the camera. They definitely are cute little cowboys, even though we never got a picture with all three smiling at the same time. I might need to try a little photoshop magic, but they tell the story this way.

This Is the Place Heritage Park

The train is one of our favorites.

Petting zoo- Michael definitely isn't as shy with the animals & cute Tyler just had to pick all of them up.

Pony rides- Michael did much better this time around. Last time he would not even get on the pony, but this time he wanted he rode and even wanted to go again.

Playing in the schoolhouse