Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Visit from Elggrens

We had such a fun week with Alli and her kids in town. When they come, we always have a party week & I feel like I need a vacation afterward. It was fun to go to a lot of local places that I don't usually get to, even though they are all so close.
Here is a look at our fun filled week.

We started out our first night at Temple Square. I don't know why I don't get there more often. It was beautiful and the kids loved it, especially the fountains & reflection pond.

Day 2 we headed down to Thanksgiving Point for $2 Tuesday...
along with everyone in Utah County & their kids. It was a mob scene, but the kids loved the animals at the farm.

Day 3 we headed up to our Millcreek cabin for lunch, games,
and cake for Ashlyn's birthday.

Nanny, Meg, Anu, & cute new baby Luke

I was tending Hailey while Nats was at work. She was so good and had a great nap in my arms. She refused to let go of my shirt. She kept us so entertained also because she went on a little laughing run where she was just belly-laughing at everything. Alli got some video of it that is hilarious.

The kids love playing in the stream. They really don't mind the freezing cold water.

That night we hit up Fat Cats for pizza and bowling for Ashlyn's birthday.
I always forget how fun bowling is. Johnn kicked my butt, as usual, but Nanny beat us all.

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Recipe Blog

After years of talking about it, I have finally put it into action. My new recipe blog can be found at boycheesesandwich.blogspot.com
It is a work in progress, but check it out for some of my favorite recipes.
More to come soon. I am taking pictures of everything I make these days.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lake Powell

With the Miles clan we get to go to Lake Powell in May and August every summer. I love it because they are very different trips. In May, we pretty much have the lake to ourselves, but the water is freezing so I always have to give myself a little pep talk to get in the water. In August, however, the water is warm and I am constantly getting in just to cool off from the hot sun. We had a great August trip, but we did get a few of our typical May thunderstorms.


Mikey still loves pushing people in... thanks Uncle "Tog" for being a good victim

Todd & Taylor

Chris & Whitney

I love how Mikey got his little plastic shovel and went out to help the guys did holes for our anchors. Always the helper.

Max loved the sand. Not sure if he ended up wearing more or eating more.

Taylor & Kenna


Teresa, Ashton, & Camie got in this really great mud fight.

I loved how every time I tried to get a picture, they would smile for two seconds before more mud was thrown.

My sand turtle. Mikey helped me gather all the shells.

The kids had a blast dragging & tubing

Surfer Girls

Karen & I had this brilliant idea to try double surfing with the two of us. We figured that if we could get up with a little kid on the board with us then we should be able to get up with two adults too... it only worked in theory, but we had a great time failing.

We divide up our meals on vacation. This was mine & Karen's dinner that I think has been one of our best so far. We grilled everything. There was steak & chicken (marinated in my mom's best marinade), grilled pineapple, asparagus, salad, & homemade regular & sweet potato fries with ultimate dipping sauce. Followed up with homemade snicker doodles & chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

helping our neighbors get their houseboat unstuck after the storm

Camie & Dad

Lil loved her bucket

Johnn made his own mud bath

Mikey was a little shy with the water at first, but by the end of the trip, we couldn't keep him out. He thought running through the water was really fun.

Becky & Lil

Teresa had this fun project for the kids to make plaster molds of their footprints

the kiddos