Thursday, February 12, 2009

G & LW Bead Show in Tucson

Nancy, Nats, Alli, Moes

Just picture rows & rows & rows like this one. Then fill 40 huge tents around the whole city. We were trying to see more this year, but it took us the entire day to see 2 tents!

Our take!
We had so much fun & got so many fun new beads, and a few old favorites too. Now I just need more hours in the day so that I can sit and craft :) It was a great weekend, and thanks to the husbands for watching Mikey & Claire. We front packed them last year since they do not allow strollers, but they are getting way too big for that. Plus, our beads weighed more than the both of them by the end of the day. ...Until next year!

Happy Birthday Nance!

The birthday lady with her yummy "pizzookie"

The girls at Oregano's. The food is amazing. I wish they had one in Utah.

Birthday dessert at Carrabbas.

We had such a fun time in Arizona for Nance's birthday weekend. We went down for the huge bead show in Tucson and stayed with cute Alli and the fam. It was such a fun little getaway and was the first time I had ever spent a night without Mikey. Claire (who is 3 months older than my Mikey) would do things that reminded me of my little guy & I would miss him terribly. However, it was nice to actually sleep through the night for once. Johnn, I missed you too ;)

We had a blast at the bead show, did some fun shopping, & ate a lot of delicious food. Thanks to Dan & Alli for taking us in, Mom for the trip, and Dad for letting us steal his wife for her first birthday apart from him in over 35 years. Now it's the time where my Dad taunts my Mom for 3 whole weeks while she is older than him until his birthday next month. You'll never hear so many "Old Lady" remarks!

Joe's Farm Grill

How sweet is this sign?! It makes me wonder....

Dan & Alli introduced us to this amazing little restaurant. They have delicious, organic food, much of which is grown right there on their farm, and the setting is so fun. I loved the huge tree. If you're ever in Gilbert, AZ you should definitely check out (I highly recommend Oregano's also).

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Evening Stroll

It was such a nice night that we just had to go for a little walk. Mikey loves his Cars trycicle & we love it too since it has a handle to steer it with.

Accident Prone Weekend

So 2 of our loved ones had a bit of a rough time this last weekend.

First off, my sweet Mother-in-law slipped on black ice running down Millcreek Canyon and ended up with 10 staples in her head & a very sore tailbone. We are so thankful that Angie was there with her and that someone was nice enough to stop and give them a ride. Mom, we love you & wish you a speedy recovery.

Then my cute niece Jane, Andrea's oldest, fell off the bars on the playground, using her arms to break her fall as she fell head-first. She ended up breaking both her radius & ulna in BOTH of her arms right above her wrists. She will be in double casts for 3 weeks. Janie-Roo we love you and hope you heal quickly so you can go back to climbing on any & everything!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Moose On The Loose

So I was getting Mikey out of the tub this morning when I heard a lot of noise coming from the street. I looked out the window and saw half a dozen cop cars, news crews, and a big trailer. My first thought was, okay what is my crazy neighbor up to know? When we went outside this is what I saw.

If you look at the pictures, you can see our front yard, For Sale sign, & part of our garage in the background. They tranquilized the moose but had to tackle him to the ground in the street. We came out right as they were loading him into the trailer. I thought they would ask me to keep my distance, but the cops were all very sweet & kept making room for us to get closer so Michael could have a better view. We came within 4-5 feet of the moose. It was funny to see all the cops climbing in to take pictures with it. Afterward I was thinking how dumb it was not to have grabbed my camera or at least my phone to take picture with. KSL news was there though so that's how I got these pics. Mikey didn't understand what was going on, but when we went inside he pointed outside and said "woo-woo" which is how he barks for dogs so I think he thought it was a really large dog. The other funny thing is when we were over at our neighbors house the other night Johnn thought he saw moose tracks on their driveway & I just told him he was crazy.