Friday, February 19, 2010

St George... here we come!

My parents bought a second home down in St George last week. It's something that my Dad has been talking about doing for a while now, so we are so excited that they found what they were looking for. This house is amazing! I realize that I am posting a gazillion pictures, but this is for my siblings who have yet to see it yet. We headed down with parents and DeMills and for the weekend (Fredricks and my Grammy stopped by too) to check it out and to help shop for furniture. As you'll see, we haven't picked out much yet. Considering that they closed on Wednesday and had mattresses and bedding by Friday, I think we did very well. Not to mention 8 shopping carts worth of goods from Bed Bath and Beyond (plus 2 more on a later trip). We are having fun helping furnish the place and cannot wait for all the fun times I know that we will have down there.

I love the entrance. It's an open aired turret that reminds me of a castle.

front gate

Gas fire pit and cooking area up on the roof. It has a beautiful view in the daylight.

Michael and Dave had some fun with the torches by the hot tub. We had to turn them up all the way just to see how big they would get. I think it gives a new meaning to the name "hot tub".

There are two outdoor showers.

Pool side BBQ

The glass doors slide all the way open, which I love. It feels like a home out of House Beautiful or the fabulous resort we stayed in down in Playa.

This is my favorite bathroom. The shower is open and the shower head it about 12 feet up. With the skylight above, it almost feels like showering out under the stars in the rain.

Master Bath
I know the picture is took in the mirror isn't fabulous with the flash, but I wanted to show how big it is.

It took me a few minutes to figure out this neat shower since there are three different handles. You get a regular shower, plus spray from the side and ceiling as well.

The fabulous kitchen.

Hailey in the bumbo.

I love that they painted the outlets in the kitchen to match the granite as well as the rock work.

Living room fireplace

Master bed

guest bed

Entryway. I love that very few of the surfaces and rooms are square. Everything has curves and fun angles.

I think this might be Johnn's dream room.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Caden's Blessing

Lisa and Deken's first little guy, Caden, blessing.

Isn't he a handsome little guy?

Camie & Caden

Miller Family Pictures

We got new Miller family pictures at the Capitol. Michael, as usual, didn't want anything to do with pictures, so I'm just glad that we were able to get a few where he wasn't screaming.