Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fun in the snow

First ski day of the year at Park City. Every time I forget how much I really love it. I wish I had the time and money to go all the time.

Miller sledding day
Miller gals: Alli, Andrea, me, Lisa

Our second ski day

It was so fun for us to get a chance to ski with both sides of the family.

Anna's first time on the slopes and Lisa's first time in 8 years. It was so fun for Anna to get to learn how to ski at the same time as Brooke.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Brooke & CJ's Wedding

CJ and Brooke were married in the Salt Lake Temple on Dec. 19th. It was a beautiful day & we are so excited to have Brooke in the family.
While we were waiting for the newlyweds to come out of the temple, we decided to snap a few shots to test out my new camera (to replace my stolen one). Above are the first 3 pictures we took. I laugh because Natalie and I both pulled the same silly face. We must be related or something.

Most of the kidlins. We left Michael with my Mother-in-law & it was so nice not to have to chase him around. Sad that he wasn't in the pictures, but let's be honest, he wouldn't hold still for a picture anyway. In the top left are Lily (Brooke's youngest sister) and my niece Ellie. They are so similar that we just knew that they would either really hit it off or completely clash. Luckily, they get along great.

The Whittys

Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs. Miller

All the fellas

I love the look on CJ's face. It's like "Yah, those are my wife's legs".



The reception at the Salt Lake Hardware building turned out beautiful.

I was so grateful that someone was smart enough to put Shrek on while we were setting up and taking pictures. Doesn't Michael look like a little stud in his tux?




Cutting the cake

Congrats Brooke and "Sneege"!
We love you!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

All full of excuses...

That's right, I'm finally back and blogging. Now that I have a computer and camera again, no more excuses, for now anyhow. I was whining to my sister the other day when she was giving me a hard time for not blogging anymore that I just didn't want to do it because I was so far behind. I mean, we've had Michael's birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, CJ's wedding, Christmas, New Years, and the all of my family in town, so it's been non-stop activities. I have just been overwhelmed. But now that the holidays are over, maybe I can just be whelmed... I think you can be in Europe (a little Clueless quote for you). So we are going to do a quick update, then on with life again.

So, we moved in to our new house in Sugarhouse back in August, and yes, I did take some pictures, but of course I never got around to posting them. Call me a slacker, if you must. So here are a few pics.

Also, my Mikey turned 2 in October. He loved his birthday and opening presents. I wish I had video to show you, but you will find out why I don't if you keep reading. We tried to get his picture taken at Kiddie Kandids twice, but he wanted nothing to do with it. Here are a few pics from his birthday.

Mikey has turned in to such the little man. He is tall for his age, average for weight, and his head is now officially off the charts. Yes, he's always had quite the noggin. He is talking like crazy, however, most of it is his own language. He talks the most when he is telling you off, which is hilarious because he will be so serious. There is never a dull moment.

Mikey mowing the lawn with his dad.

trying on my Uggs.

Then, after Mikey's birthday in October, we all got sick with H1N1. Let me tell you what, I have never been that sick in my life. Mikey was thankfully over it when I got it because I couldn't take care of myself, let alone a 2 year old. He was a champ through it though. I felt so bad because he would try to play and after a few minutes he would just lay on my wood floor because he didn't even feel good enough to move. I had one really bad weekend too where my fever just would not break for 4 days. I was sick over Halloween so I missed it completely, and therefore don't have any pictures. Mikey was a lion and looked so cute... that is when he wouldn't leave his costume on. Thankfully, we are all better and haven't been sick at all since.

Two days before Thanksgiving, our house was robbed in the middle of the day while we were at work. They stole all our small electronics including our computer, camera, video recorded, iPod, GPS, etc. Then they also took all of my spare keys. I apologize to all those reading this whom have heard me vent so many times about this, but I still feel violated. They were "kind" enough not to take our external hard drive, so we didn't lose everything, but I hadn't backed up our video camera in almost a full year. We lost all those videos of Michael which still makes me sick. You can't replace those first words and first dance moves.

Through our insurance, we have gotten our house re-keyed and new items to replace those that were stolen, but it was a real headache to get it all done that took a month of fighting trying to prove that we did in fact own all the items. We had just switched to a new insurance company, so it didn't look good that we were making a claim the first month, and they had to do all this extra background checking on us.

The police did come and dust for fingerprints and everything, but basically told us that our stuff was probably already sitting pawn shops and to kiss it goodbye. We didn't expect to hear anything, then one day Johnn got a call from the police that they had someone in custody that had possession of my old iPhone that was taken in the burglary. The phone is broken from when Mikey tried to flush it down the toilet last year, but they were able to pull the contacts off of it and track us down. The police are almost positive can't get a confession out of them, however, they do have them on breaking into multiple other houses so they will be going to jail. Still no clue about where our stuff ended up though.

In December, I hosted my first shower in the new house for Brooke and CJ with my Mom's family.
And Natalie and Dave blessed their little Hailey. I had so much fun making the cookies for this one because of the little girl "Zoolander" Haileys.

Johnn got the opportunity to try out the luge course up at Park City. He said that if he had the time and money, it is something we would definitely do all the time. He did come home with a few battle wounds. Johnn's scuffs weren't as bad as this guy pictured below that went with him, but they looked painfully. For the ice to break the skin through your coat and shirt, you must hit the sides pretty hard.

We had a lot of fun getting to know Brooke better and all her family at all the fun showers. I believe that the blondes now outnumber the brunettes in the Miller fam.