Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Living the High Life

We had a wonderful weekend up at the cabin when Alli and the kids were here last month.
The weather was dreamy & the company couldn't have been better.
And I only took a few hundred pictures to prove it.

Nance & the origional 6 kids

I had a little fun taking
pictures of the kids
in one of my favorite
clearings on the
Gotta love the
pink cowboy hats!

The Fredricks got to add Luke to their family tree.

Darling Meg turned 2 at the cabin.
I found myself laughing through our little photosession
because this girl knows her poses.
Is she not the cutest little 2 year old cowgirl?

this is my favorite

We had a great time inside the cabin as well as out. I love when I asked Claire to give CJ a kiss for me she basically smothered him with kisses, smack on the lips. It was great.

Nanny & Papa with baby Luke

Claire & Mikey had a
great time with their
hats, guns, & horses.
Yes, Mikey still loves
to shoot all the stuffed
animals in the cabin.
Such a boy.

the fam at one of our "lakes"

Uncle Dave makes the coolest rock arches. The boys loved watching him...almost as much as they loved knocking them down later.

Gotta love the parental PDA.
I'm not joking,
I love it.
It's nice knowing my
wonderful parents
still have it.

Mikey found a new game with long pieces of grass and Johnn's ear.

Cute Brooke & CJ. Talk about a perfect match.

Mikey has decided that he likes his helmet now.
Yes is is wearing it inside & yes it is adult size.

The kids had a ball 4-wheeling down to the stream & catching grasshoppers to feed the fish.

It was such a fun weekend & so fun to be together at our beautiful cabin.

Flaming Gorge- August 2010

We were happy to join the Miles family for a fun day up at Flaming Gorge.
They camped on the lake for several days, but we only went for a day trip since we have been playing so hard this summer and have up our vacation days & we really don't think camping with a two year old is all that fun... well, with our two year old anyways.
We had a great day playing on the lake & were happy that we picked a day when the weather decided to cooperate.

Dad & Caden


We had a great time skiing, surfing, and tubing on the lake. After lunch we all headed over to the rope swing for some fun and cliff jumping. Even little Jackson went on the rope swing. Todd tried to do a back-flip and Teresa got all the guys attention by being the only girl to do it.
After a great day of boating, we finished up at camp roasting mellows over the fire.

Rope Swing

Miles kids