Thursday, August 21, 2008

McCall with the Miles' August 2008

McCall Favorites: how beautiful it is, the smell of the fresh trees, swimming, boating, surfing, renting jets skis for a day (however Johnn says I'm too boring to ride with), watching the kids play in the sand and water, reading, lounging on the dock or in the boat, nightly visits to Ice Cream Alley, watching the Olympics, homemade Cafe Rio, jogging in the morning, intense tennis matches (Mikey loves tennis courts and it we had to pause several times so he could crawl around the court and chase the balls), riding bikes, walking through Ponderosa State Park (less than a mile from our condos), looking at the little shops in town, eating at the Pancake House (plate sized pancakes and they are delicious to boot), sunsets, playing Carcassonne (we just added the traders and builders expansion and it is so much fun- highly recommended), touring through the Banks' beautiful new cabin, golfing, visiting the Hampshires, pushing the kids on the swings, and so much more. I have decided that McCall is one of my very favorite places.

More McCall

We love playing in the park right outside our condos. I love the human totem pole- Three generations of Miles'- I'm pretty impressed that Dad agreed to try this. It's called Brown Park and is right on the water. It is so pretty and in years past we've seen a few weddings here during our stay. I also love that all of us girls are such Twilight Addicts. We all brought our books and I listened to Breaking Dawn on CD on the ride, which made the 7+ hour ride much better.
Johnn even listened for a little bit, but he still thinks we are all crazy. Mikey loved playing with all his cousins and learned how to say "uh-oh" while we were there. So now he drops things on purpose just to say it... he's a stinker, but still too cute. Poor little Whitney slipped on the floor the first day and broke her tibia, but she handled it very well. Johnn's mom also fractured her foot earlier that same morning, so she had to take it easy the whole week. I feel so bad for her, but everyone still managed to have a great week. We also enjoyed boating and Camie and Lisa had fun pulling some Titanic moves.

Biking around Payette Lake

Kylie & Kenna

Teresa & Camie

My Boys
Mikey did so well on the bike. He made it through the 18 mile loop around the lake without any complaints. He even fell asleep for about half an hour on the bumpiest, dirt portion of the loop.

Wyoming weekend

We were fortunate enough to steal away for a short weekend up at the cabin while Alli was in town. It was absolutely beautiful up there and the grass and flowers are so tall that we would lose sight of the 4-wheeler trails. Michael had so much fun playing with his cousin Claire and Aunt Alli. We can't wait until you guys come back again.

Flaming Gorge

Camping at Hideout Canyon

Michael loves the water.

My first sucker.

Rope swing

Cliff jumping
Enjoying the view

Lisa and Taylor on our little island

Karen and McKenna



Future Surfer

Michael loves playing in the boat... as long as he doesn't have a life jacket on. He hates them, which makes it harder for us to get out and ski together, but we're working on it. We had such a fun trip and perfect weather the whole time. I think that it's the first year that we haven't gotten poured on at least one of the days. We enjoyed boating, camping, swimming, camp fires, games, and relaxing. Can't wait for next year.

Girls Trip 2008- St George

The group at Tuacahn. We saw Les Miserables and Sound of Music.

Stylin' Mike. Mikey got to tag along with all the girls.

Dinner at Pizza Factory.

The plays (of course)
Stopping at Cove Fort
More shopping
Jogging on the trails
Mikey saying "Hi Dad" for the 1st time
Frozen lemonade
Reading a good book

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Pedigree - Family history

I have been told over the years that I look like Anne Hathaway or Liv Tyler, so I thought it would be interesting to give this a try. I am not so sure about how accurate this is, but still fun to see.