Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wheeler Farm

feeding the crazy ducks
Warning: they will bite

Mikey loved the pigs

Tractors around every corner... talk about a little boys dream.
Taylor & Sam
Mikey & Whitney

Sam & Taylor

they loved running through the maze.
I need one in my yard to wear him out every day.

Halloween 2010

Michael was not too excited about wearing his dragon costume out trick-or-treating, but he loves wearing it around our house. He likes to chase you around blowing "fire" on you... but in his case it's just spit.

the Miles'

the Kjars

the Millers

Monday, November 15, 2010

Disneyland October 2010

We had a wonderful time in Disneyland with the Miles family. How many 3-year-olds get to spend their birthday at Disneyland. We had a great time. I am glad that we went in the middle of the week since it was still pretty crowded & it got more so by Thursday since it was UEA. As my sister-in-law Karen said, "You know what UEA stands for... Utah Enters Anaheim". We saw so many fellow Utahns there that we started making a game of it to see if you could guess who was from Utah. Overall, it was such a fun trip & my Mikey definitely would live there if we let him.

Plane ride.


Karen, Max, Teresa, & Camie waiting in line for Peter Pan.
It was the first ride we went on & Michael hated it. I was nervous that the whole trip might be that way, but this was the only ride that he did not like- go figure.

Mikey's second favorite ride was the Matterhorn.

Our race car drivers

The Parade

The boys at the train station.

Splash Mountain
(Sorry it didn't turn out too well taking a picture of the screen)
Grandma brought ponchos for us, but I ended up walking around in squishy wet shoes for the rest of the day.

Mikey's favorite: Buzz Lightyear
We went on this one so many times, good thing it is fun for adults too.

It's a Small World

(Yes another of me taking a picture of a picture.)


Good Ol' Jungle Cruise

World of Color
We watched this 2 nights, Mikey slept through both because he was too worn out by that time, but Johnn filmed it and Mikey now loves to watch it on our computer.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Guess Who's Three!

We were in Disneyland on Michael's actual birthday, but he has a month full of birthday celebrations.
He saw his cake when he woke up in the morning & I don't know if it makes me a horrible Mom or a really cool Mom that I let him blow out the candles and eat one of the cupcakes for breakfast. I made him have a banana too.
Mikey is all about trains. Our basement is halfway covered with tracks now. Thanks to generous family he is in three year old heaven.

The Miller side October birthday crew.

He even got a Thomas the Train scooter. I sometimes wake up to him now riding it around our hardwood floors.