Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Guess Who's Three!

We were in Disneyland on Michael's actual birthday, but he has a month full of birthday celebrations.
He saw his cake when he woke up in the morning & I don't know if it makes me a horrible Mom or a really cool Mom that I let him blow out the candles and eat one of the cupcakes for breakfast. I made him have a banana too.
Mikey is all about trains. Our basement is halfway covered with tracks now. Thanks to generous family he is in three year old heaven.

The Miller side October birthday crew.

He even got a Thomas the Train scooter. I sometimes wake up to him now riding it around our hardwood floors.

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Let the Good Times Roll said...

He is DARLING Monica! Happy Birthday to the little handsome man! And that picture below of Luke, wow, he has the coolest hair ever, what a good looking baby.