Friday, February 29, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My 4 Month Valentine

Mikey turned 4 months old on Valentines Day this year.
Weight 15 lbs. 6 oz. (59th percentile)
Height 25 3/4 in. (81st percentile)
Head Circumference 17 in. (74th percentile)

Mikey used to hate being on his tummy with his acid reflux, but lately he loves it. He is great at tucking his legs up underneath him, but can't quite figure out the arms to be able to crawl. He loves to smile and giggle.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Fun in the snow

We had a blast at the cabin this weekend. Thanks to the snow cat, we can now get the kids up to the cabin in the winter. This was Mikey's second trip to the cabin already and he is only 4 months old. The cabin has been a very special place for Johnn and I so we are very excited to share the winter fun.

Fredricks in the back of the snow cat. It's a long, slow ride to the cabin, but it's the only way to get there. Plus the snow cat grooms great sledding hills and the snowmobiles are great for pulling you back up.

This moose hung around the entire weekend. The boys went out and chased him a little, but they felt bad for him trying to run away in the deep snow. The drifts were over 8 feet in places.

Johnn and Michael keeping warm in the cabin.

Mikey loves his snowsuit and riding in the snow cat.

Outside the Gem Show at the end of the day with all our goods.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Gem Show in Arizona

Nancy, Nats, Mikey and I all headed down to Arizona to visit the Elggrens over the weekend and check out the huge Gem Show. We were having too much fun to think about taking pictures, but cute Alli snapped these couple photos with her phone. It shows a little glimpse of what it was like. No strollers were allowed in any of the tents, so we front packed Michael and Claire the whole day. We were a little nervous about how the babies would do, but they were great. They were both all smiles and as you can see above, Claire is already taking after her mommy with her string of pearls. It was such a fun weekend. My favorites were shopping, talking all night, sorting through all our fun beads, having the Flamms over for dinner, Claire teaching Mikey how to talk, chick flicks, seeing where Dan works, eating out, Last Chance, playing Carcassonne on XBox with Corey, finally seeing Alli's darling house, and simply being together. Thanks Alli for having us. We are already planning on next year.