Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lake Powell- May 2011

Johnn didn't have vacation for the biannual Miles' family Lake Powell trip in May.  So what did we do?  Michael and I said sorry and packed up and went without him.  We definitely missed him, but still managed to have fun... I mean, it is Lake Powell.    
 Building a sand turtle. Also the only picture I got of myself form the whole trip, that's what spouses are for.

The slip-n-slide

Cliff Jumping
Teresa and Todd doing the splits and Todd's gainer.

Michael, Grandma & baby Hunter

The kids spent hours jumping from the counter to the sleeping mats.

Todd told me to get my camera ready then tried to tackle Teresa while she was surfing.  She had no clue he was coming for her, but luckily for Teresa his aim was a little off.

Michael and Thomas

Easter 2011

 We started off Easter morning finding what the Easter Bunny left at our house.

 Later, we headed over to Miles' for Grandma's money hunt.
Michael only picked up the blue eggs, but still got "lots of moneys".

 My handsome 3 year old

Karen and Max

Willmore's Sealing- Oquirrh Mtn Temple

 The Miles Women

 The Men

 Uncle Todd and Caden

Deken and Caden

We are so happy that this day finally came for Deken, Lisa, and Caden (and baby Jordyn on the way).

Pines- February 2011

Our Miles family winter vacation did not start out as we planned, or as we would have liked it to.
The roads were pure ice as we approached Island Park and the Kjars crashed.  The trailer, which probably contributed to the accident, kept the car itself from rolling.  Amazingly, no one was hurt.

 The kids had a great time once we got there playing in all the snow, and there was a lot.  They keep the roads plowed with some snow still as a base so that you can snowmobile to the grocery store or even to church, as we saw a few do. 

 We had a lot of fun times snowmobiling.


 Hot tubing is the best thing after a day of playing in the snow.

Nancy's 60th- February 2011

For my Mom's big day we surprised her for a fun family dinner out at Asian Star.