Friday, October 15, 2010

Labor Day in McCall @ the Banks' Cabin

We were lucky to get to go back up to McCall over Labor Day weekend with Andrew and Lindsay & stay at her beautiful cabin. It was a fabulous trip. We each skied once in pretty choppy water, but we had fun trying to find good water and boating over to Ice Cream Alley. I loved waking up and getting to go for a nice run, spend some time on the lake and beach, eat some great food, curl up with a good book, and watch movies (such as Jaws). Thanks Linds for a great, relaxing weekend.

Lindsay's huge birthday cookie

My boys

Mikey still isn't sure he likes boats all the time, but he always likes playing in the sand.

Andrew & Linds

Zoo Days

Miles Family Zoo Day

Baby Maggie's first trip to the zoo.
Love that she's sporting her giraffe binkie clip just for the outing.

When I was tending Hailey & Noah one day we headed up to the zoo and ran into Andrea and the kids. It was so fun & these little cousins have a blast together.
I love my zoo pass & we try to go once a week, so we definitely get our money's worth.
I tend Hailey every Wednesday so we often head up to the zoo on those days to get us out of the house. Michael loves his Hailey & I love that he can run out all his wiggles and extra energy.
I wish I had his energy.