Monday, July 21, 2008

Newport Beach Trip

It's hard to tell in the silhouette, but Johnn is holding Mikey. This was his first time seeing the ocean & he loved it.

Mikey absolutely loved the sand. He liked playing in it, and eating it too... he came home pooping sand!

All the Miller kidlins. In August there will be one more, and we can't wait to meet little Meg.

Beach Favorites:
*Being with family
*Boogie boarding/ body surfing
*watching the guys surf (or as Johnn calls it "swimming with a board")
*Games (Carcassonne- love the new expansion)
*Nanny's yummy cooking
*Visiting the Temple
*Late night movies
*Seaside Donuts
*Laying out on the beach with a good book
*Running in the sand
*Cruising on the new bikes down the boardwalk
*Lunch at Charlie's
*Sandcastles with the kids

I can't wait for next year! C.J. will be home so we will have the whole family there.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Embillish boutique

Burp cloths

Binkie catchers


Bonfire - Cabin trip June 14th

The scenery

If you look closely, you can see three elk

All our little lakes are full right now with all the winter runoff.

The cabin

learning to crawl at the cabin

Papa's hat

Mikey loves his Nanny

Day with Nana

Nance, Lisa, the kids, and I had a fun day visiting our Nana down in Provo. The kids loved feeding the ducks and we went out for a yummy lunch at Zupa's.

Darrin's Blessing - June 1st

the boys & babes

the girls & babes

The Group: Miles', Bladens, and Hansens