Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

Align Center
Nancy, Natalie, Dave, and I went to the SYTYCD concert at the E Center. Yup, we're dorks! I was afraid that it was going to be a bunch of screaming little girls there, but I was surprised to see how many adults and even guys there were... it was only 3/4 screaming girls. Just kidding. Dave was a good sport to come with us girls. It was a fun night. I have posted my favorite solos by Gev and Courtney, and one of my favorite dances. They danced all of our favorites and I should have videoed more, but I kept forgetting. Thanks Nance for a fun night out, and thanks to Johnn for staying home to watch the little one... I know it broke your heart that you had to miss it :).

Wyoming Weekend with the Fishers

We had such a fun, beautiful weekend up at the cabin with Matt and Heather. It was great to finally get them up there with us again in time to enjoy the wonderful weather. I love hiking around the property this time of the year as the leaves are changing. We had a fun time relaxing, wheelin', hiking, and of course, playing Settlers. Michael loves being up there with so many fun, new places to explore. It's hard to believe that the last time we were there he was just barely taking his first steps. Now he is running all over the place. Thanks Fishers for making it such a fun trip.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Utah State Fair

the group
Anna, Kate, and Ellie on the balloon ride.
Tyler and Michael watching the tiger show
Bengal tiger
The goats kept licking Michael's fingers and at one point even his ear, but he was too busy trying to eat the wood chips up off the floor to even notice there were any goats. It was too funny.

Tiger Jump

They had a Bengal tiger exhibit at the fair. We hadn't planned on seeing the show, but it was so neat. The animals were beautiful and the adults were as entertained as the kids were. I was a little late getting my camera to record this, but you can get the idea. This tiger jumped over the top of his trainer from standing right in front of him (i missed the take off).

Meg's blessing

Andrea(the proud mom), Natalie, baby Meg, me, Nancy, Lisa, Nana
the sisters and Mikey (sorry Alli, wish you could have been there)

Name cookies :)
It has become a tradition with each new baby. I think they turned out pretty cute, a little busy, but I was in a random mood.

Sweet Baby Meg

Labor Day weekend at the cabin

walking to the lakes

Michael started taking his first steps at the cabin. He is walking all over the place now and absolutely loving it.

We enjoyed wonderful weather until the very last day when it started to snow. It got really muddy, but we were able to hurry and get down off our hill before it got too bad.

Playground fun

My parents got this fun playground set for the cabin and Michael loves it. So many fun things to do. He learned how to turn himself around and go down the slide this last trip. It's the cutest thing and he would do it all day if we let him.

Favorite Game

If you haven't tried it you should. For those of you who like Settlers and other such fun strategy games, you'll love this one. The Miller fam has been hooked on it for years now (my sister has it on their Xbox) and now the Miles clan is hooked too. Highly recommended.

Family Reunion

We had our annual family reunion with my Mother-in-laws family at the park. They had a lady come who did this wonderful face painting for all the kids and they absolutely loved it. We also had our usual fishing pond for the kids. Michael loved his little slinky dog he won (thanks to Camie for helping him fish). The only sad thing was that Johnn had to miss it because he was on a scouting overnighter.

Fun day with our Nana

We all headed down to Provo and surprised our Nana with a fun lunch at Brick Oven Pizza. It was baby Meg's first time meeting her great-grandma. Is she the cutest little baby or what!

Mommy's little helper