Friday, July 30, 2010

McCall 2010

Oh, how we love McCall. It's one of my favorite vacations we go one. I love that I can get great workouts in everyday and also relax. My favorites this trip were biking around the lake (it's 19 miles & we started a little time competition that Scottie dominated), surfing, running through Ponderosa Park, laying out on the boat with a good book, attempting cartwheels on the logs in the water (I did manage to land one, then my feet slipped out and I ended on my butt straddling the log), watching the kids play, sunsets on the beach, watching old favorite movies at night, and Ice Cream Alley.

The Miles Family


siblings: the original 10

the reds

cute sisters close up

the littles

Mikey still loves his trucks

"hands up, stands up"
Todd, me, Camie

"pull a funny face"


our nightly ritual

bringing in the tubers

Camie & me

sisters: Kenna & Kylie

Camie had fun setting up some pictures of Johnn and me

Girls Trip- St George

We had such a fabulous weekend getaway with all the Miles girls for our annual girls trip to St George. This year was a little different because for the first time we had all of us there and we stayed in my parents' gorgeous new house instead of the hotel. It was very hot, surprise-surprise, as is typical for St George in July, but very enjoyable. I always look forward to this weekend away with the girls. This year, for the first time, I also left Mikey home with his daddy so it really was a true vacation. We saw 2 plays at Tuacahn, shopped, cooked wonderful food,went to see Eclipse, sat by the pool, and hiked (early morning before it was scorching hot).
It was such a great weekend.

Tarzan @ Tuacahn
I highly recommend it. The costumes & acrobatics were amazing, as well as the music. Plus, Tarzan wasn't too bad to look at.

Cats @ Tuacahn
Teresa, Ashley, Kenna, and Camie with Old Deuteronomy during intermission.
This was my first time seeing Cats. I was surprised that there really isn't much of a story. It's basically a bunch of grown, adults in spandex pretending to be cats. I can see how cat people might love it. The music, however, was fabulous... especially "Memory". It gave me chills.


Kylie & Ashley

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Island Park 2010

Island Park is one of our favorite yearly Miles family vacations.

My boys on the lake.

We drove over to Big Springs to see the fish and Mikey and Sam saw a path and ended up taking me on a fun little nature walk along the river. I'm so glad that these little cousins have so much fun together.

Traditional Sunday afternoon drive through Yellowstone National Park
We saw lots of buffalo, elk, and deer. Then we also so a bald eagle, a fox, and even a coyote.
We were just happy not to be parked behind buffalo laying in the middle of the road this year.

Yellowstone Falls

Grandma & Grandpa

Lisa & Caden

My boys. Mikey was quite the little trooper. He got car sick and threw up chunky chocolate milk all over the car (great fun for us too), but he stayed happy the whole time.

the view from the green... if you ever wondered what a golf course in the middle of nowhere would look like, here's your answer. Gotta love the view of the Tetons in the back.

As you can tell, this is a really deep, raging river.... so deep we had to get out and pull our raft since it couldn't float in ankle-deep water. This is at the start where it is the most shallow. It gets deeper and wider as you go.

our raft

the other raft

Grandma, Kylie, & Max

Ashley & Sam

Mikey wasn't too sure about the raft. This is how he stayed most of the way until he fell asleep on me.

Wyoming Weekend

We headed up to the cabin for a quick weekend getaway. Mikey loves the cabin & the play set. My favorite is in the main living room in the cabin, we have a bunch of dead animals mounted (2 elk, deer, mtn lion, coyote) and Mikey takes out a play gun and shoots them all. His little sound effects are the best. I am hoping, however, that this isn't a hobby that he will want to continue in the future. Johnn has shot his one elk & I think that was plenty for us for the rest of our lives.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Miles Family Lagoon Day

Mikey was so excited for bumper cars....however, he picked a car that was stuck against the side so he didn't move the entire time. Still loved it though.


Oh cheesy smile

train museum = a 2 year old's heaven

chasing the geese

I don't know how he knows to sight a gun... maybe boys are born knowing these things.