Monday, June 2, 2008

Moab Memorial Day Weekend

We had such a fun last minute getaway to Moab over Memorial Day weekend. When the weather wasn't cooperating for us to go up to our cabin, we had to come up with new plans. Thanks Corey and Nancy for making it all possible.

Trip favorites:
Dead Horse Point, Grand View Overlook hike, Upheaval Dome, off-roading in the red truck, Pasta Jays, arts festival, being parked in traffic in S.F. canyon for 2 hours (okay that wasn't really a favorite), Delicate Arch, "Nanny Goat, Billie Jane, & Tyler Turtle", Sand Dune Arch, Buck's, Ty calling the trail markers "cemeteries" (kudos to his teachers for talking to the kids about Memorial Day), biking Slick Rock (except for the crashing part :) sorry dad), swimming, Kate being "full of swimming", Windows primitive trail, Park Avenue, pizza, & being in a beautiful place with people we love. We can't wait to go back.

So pretty it looks fake

I just love this picture at Dead Horse Point. It looks like he is sitting in front of a picture or screen instead of at the actual overlook.

Michael at 7 months