Monday, August 16, 2010

New Recipe Blog

After years of talking about it, I have finally put it into action. My new recipe blog can be found at
It is a work in progress, but check it out for some of my favorite recipes.
More to come soon. I am taking pictures of everything I make these days.


Brandon and Brittany said...

oh I am sooo excited that you are doing this!!! I love new recipe ideas. =)

Lisa said...

Awesome idea Monica, since you are the best cook ever! I'm totally going to use this site, thank you!

Kim and Steve said...

I have already made the red lobster biscuits and they are delicious! I will be looking at it often!

Scott said...

I love the blog. I commented on it already that I would love the recipe for the teriyaki turkey wraps we had in McCall. I've been craving those lately and want to make them.