Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Mom, Buzz Stuck!"

Mikey was watching Toy Story a couple weeks ago,
and ran upstairs to get me saying,
"Mom, Buzz stuck"

I went downstairs to find this.
He used my laundry basket
(after dumping out all my neatly folded clean laundry...
serves me right for not putting it away quickly)
to capture his Buzz in it like Woody in the movie.

I though it was pretty clever.

Then he decided to have himself "stuck"
Love my funny little man.

And he definitely loves his Buzz.
Johnn bought him a Buzz on their fun boys Saturday
(while mom was at the bead show).
Michael has wanted one for a long time.

He loves Buzz. He goes everywhere with him
& even gets to sleep with him.

The only trouble...

Buzz is not as indestructible as he may appear.
The first night he had him, Buzz took a tumble off the kitchen counter
and his leg broke off at the knee.

Thanks to my "Mr. Fit It" hubby, we got his leg bolted back on.

However, within 2 hours of Buzz's recovery, he fell down our entire flight of stairs.
This time converting Buzz into the one-armed man.

So, after another minor operation, Johnn was able to get Buzz's arm bolted back on.
His mobility will never be very good with that arm,
but he should be happy to be alive
with a 2 1/2 year old for an owner.

I know I will sound old saying this,
but they sure don't make toys like they used to.

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Alli grins said...

Seriously...he is such a cool kid! He always makes me laugh. You are such a cute Mommy too! Will you take Mikey to see Toy Story 3 in June???