Sunday, October 4, 2009

Silver Lake

Okay, so here's the deal. Johnn and I have this tradition where we go up to Silver Lake every fall when the leaves are changing. It is always gorgeous up there & Mikey loves the "wa-wa", aka the lake. You know when you have a great plan, but it just doesn't turn out the way you expected. So here's what happened. We were enjoying the beautiful drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon, and were seriously 1 minute from the parking lot for the lake when Mikey threw up everywhere. That's right, not just the spit up but the projectile vomiting that just keeps coming and coming to the point where you wonder how that much stuff could come out of such a little person. Have I grossed you out yet? Michael apparently gets car sick like his mommy. I'm just glad that Johnn was there because there's not much you can do to help a child throwing up in the back seat while you are driving, and with his quick thinking, he was able to catch a lot of it in the towel that we keep under his car seat, which now has a new purpose. My plan was to take some cute pictures of Mikey by the lake, but instead he ran around like this.

That's right. You gotta love the diaper and sandals look. I swore to myself that I would never be one of those moms that took her kid places in only a diaper (if any of you reading this do, I am sorry, but don't). I now understand that there are certain circumstances where you don't have any other option. I didn't have an extra set of clothes since we are past the blowout and spill allover when we eat stage. We washed out his clothes in the bathroom sink and used the car windshield to dry them off. The good thing is after a half an hour they were dry enough to put back on & we were able to enjoy our walk around the lake fully clothed. And I was still able to get some good pictures.


Becky said...

I couldn't help smiling the whole time I read this. It seems like we all have some kind of story where our kids puked or pooped or peed or something when it just wasn't convenient. I can't believe you still did your outing--super mom! The picture of Mikey in his diaper is classic. Love it!

Britt said...

Ha ha, oh Mon...yes the diaper pic is great!!

Heather & Matt Fisher said...

those pictures are beautiful!! i've never been to silver lake..definitely have to check it out sometime.

Sorry for the throwup, that's not something I look forward to.