Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mount Olympus

So we had this wonderful idea to go on a hike last Saturday. Johnn and I had both already done our workouts for the morning so we thought we would just take on something simple...

Then we somehow decided to hike Mt Olympus. Lets just say that we were and are still a little sore.

I have hiked this mountain a dozen times, but that was in high school & college, you know, way back in the day. We used to hike it for sunrise then run down in under 3 hours then go to school. It is a very different hike carrying a 2 year old. Thanks to my wonderful hubby for taking on that task.

It was absolutely gorgeous, but I forgot how steep that hike is. It took us 5 hours.

Mikey was actually amazing. He didn't walk very far but that was mostly our fault. He probably would walk half of it, but going Mikey pace, it would be a two day hike.

Mikey loved picking leaves off the trees and eating the snow up top. When he got fussy about 3/4 the way up, Johnn put a movie on his phone for him and he was so happy. Pretty posh hiking right? Get carried up with a blankie and a movie.

I highly recommend this hike to anyone willing to take on the 6 1/2 miles. However, I would leave the kid behind.


Let the Good Times Roll said...

You guys are CRAZY! Talk about superman and superwoman. That's amazing. And your hubby must be some kind of iron man to carry Mikey the whole way up, wow! Oh and by the way, Speen did tell me he saw you guys. How fun two new nieces for you in one week! Oh and I never told you - Sar gave me that blanket you made, AMAZING, I love it! I am totally up for a corn patch reunion sometime soon, that would be a lot of fun.

Becky and Matt said...

I am so impressed. I bet it was a beautiful hike. I'm glad that Mikey was so good for it. I've never hiked mount olympus, but it looks fun and hard!

Alli grins said...

I am in awe! You are amazing for taking Mikey too and your pictures are muy bonita. Way to go! I love your family so much and can't wait to see you in December!!!