Sunday, June 7, 2009

Memorial Weekend in Moab

We had such a blast in Moab for our annual Miller family Memorial trip. The weather was ideal, slightly overcast most of the time, perfect for hiking. We did have a couple short downpours, but we timed them almost right, I say almost because we had quite an adventure crossing the street to the diner. We hiked to Corona Arch, Delicate Arch, Sand Dune Arch (not that I would call that one a hike), and went up Negro Bills Canyon. We also went over to take in the beautiful views at Canyonlands. It was a great long weekend, and I was so proud of all the kids for being such good hikers. We can't wait to go back nect month with the Miles clan.


Let the Good Times Roll said...

Cute pictures Monica. So did you guys ever end up selling your house? I know you had mentioned you wanted to move to the CR area. We just moved pretty close to your inlaws. We go to the same ward building as them, but different wards, just wondering if you guys moved and lived close by? We'll have to get together with Sarah and the kids again sometime!

Becky and Matt said...

It does look fun. We're excited to go too!

amy and josh said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! Your pictures are really cute too!