Saturday, February 12, 2011

Workin' Weekends

This last fall Johnn, Michael & I spent 6 weekends up in Wyoming working on our family cabin.  A majority of the work was framing the basement (where, if we're being honest, Johnn basically did everything while I played with Mikey and occasionally was used to hold things in place for the master builder).  I will say that being married to Johnn, I have gotten pretty good with saws and nail guns.  Along with the basement, we also helped my parents stain the outside of the cabin.  Then, we had one fun, beautiful day with the Fredricks where we got to get away from projects and enjoy our beautiful property.

 Michael loves 4-wheeling as long as he has his favorite red helmet.


 We saw this beautiful buck down by our stream.  I'm hoping that he survived the hunt.

 This is shows a little of our framing work.  I took a lot of pictures on my cell phone, but I had my phone in my back pocket when we went 4-wheeling & when we got back it was gone.  I looked everywhere, but no luck.  And, yes, I am now on my 3rd iPhone.  Michael put my first one in the toilet & it still halfway worked afterward, but then it was stolen when our house was robbed.  The police recovered it, but even though our case is closed, we can't get it back from them. This loss was definitely my fault.  At least I had put off getting the new iPhone, so I had an update available to replace it.
 Papa Corey harnessed in staining the upper level.

 Michael & Meg are the cutest little buddies.  He just loves her.  Everywhere they went they were holding hands.

 We went on a fun walk with the Fredricks when they came up & found this neat tree.

 Fredrick family tree



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