Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lake Powell- take 2

So starting this year, we will be going to Lake Powell in both May & August every year instead of rotating between the two. I know what you are thinking... what a rough life. This second trip was quite different this year because the water was choppy most of the time, so we did very little skiing & we spent a lot of time in the water because of the heat.

My boys

Mikey's favorite thing is to push people off the back of the houseboat. Thanks to all of the good sports for letting him push them in over and over again.

Michael is warming up to tubing. He holds your arm against him while he goes to feel safer. I think he is still a little afraid since our near tumble in Flaming Gorge.

The Aqua Roller= a workout.
We had so much fun with our new toy. It definitely looks easier than it is. Camie and I hold the record for 5 rolls in a row.

Johnn and me on the wave runner. Johnn had fun trying to throw me off. We don't own wave runners, so having one this year was quite the novelty. We all had so much fun.

The ladies dragging

"Double, No Triple, Knee Boarding!"

I love that the little boys made hats out of the empty boxes. Who needs to buy actual toys?

Todd eating it while surfing behind the wave runner.

Johnn- high speed dragging. I think he looks like a superhero.

We had such a fun trip & are glad to say that no babies were born on the houseboat. Becky was 36 weeks pregnant and has always come early. We welcomed baby Lily just a few days ago.

Also, my favorite quote of the trip, little Kylie came up to me while I was laying out on top of the boat & tapped me on the shoulder and said very concerned,

"Monica, you're getting very white!"

I asked her if she meant I was getting red, as in burnt, but she said again, "No, your getting very white right there (pointing to my stomach where I had my tankini pulled up)".

I just love how kids can be brutally honest.


The Smiths said...

Wow, I can't believe how many vacations you guys have been on this year. It makes our stay-cation summer look pretty drab. Glad you all had such a good time.

Miles Family said...

Sorry about Kylie's comment. She doesn't have a filter.

Alli grins said...

I can barely type because I'm laughing so hard!!! I LOVE the "very white" tummy comment. I think only I can beat you in the whitest tummy contest:-) What amazing pictures! Those of Mikey pushing people off the houseboat, waverunner, waterskiing and the Aqua Roller are great. What a fun trip!