Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bear Lake with the Hansens

Okay, so believe it or not, Johnn and I had never been to Bear Lake. Shocker huh! So we were very excited when our good friends Josh and Amy invited us up for the weekend.

First night there at the rodeo. It was very entertaining, even though most of the participants didn't do too well. My favorite part was the horde of kids chasing the calf trying to get the ribbon off his tail but were too afraid to grab it when they got close.

We stayed at the Shaw's cabin, which was very nice of them to take us in as strangers, & Michael thought that their riding lawn mower was pretty cool. The best part was that when we got home he tried to ride on our regular lawn mower. It was hilarious!

Me & Michael

Jaxson & Michael on the 4-wheeler. Doesn't that look like a happy face? Michael does not like getting his picture taken. We just tried to get his picture taken at Kiddie Kandids and it was a joke.

The boys picking fresh raspberries. The raspberry shakes at Bear Lake, I would say, definitely lived up to my expectations.



With how low the water is, you would go in up to your knees for a few feet, then back to your ankles before it started getting deeper. It was perfect for the little ones.

Josh & Amy... going, going, gone!

Thanks Hansens for such a fun trip.

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amy and josh said...

It was so fun to have you guys! We need to come and see your house once you are ready for visitors!