Friday, January 16, 2009

How many years ago?

Heather tagged me 2 months ago, but I just saw it so here it goes.

20 Years Ago…
1. I was in first grade.
2. I like to play with My Little Ponies, night games, & the playground.
3. I loved building domino houses when we had free time in class.

10 Years Ago…
1. I was sixteen, trying to figure out the dating scene, and no longer VL.
2. I played on Firebirds and Olympus High's soccer teams & loved it.
3. I learned how to drive a stick shift, and then taught all my friends on the "gutless wonder" Protege.

5 years ago…

1. Johnn and I were married in the Salt Lake temple and started our life together in student housing.
2. I graduated with a Bachelors in ESS & a Minor in Nutrition.
3. I was working full time for my Dad and teaching Aerobics at the YWCA.

3 years ago…
1. We were burning the midnight oil doing one house project after the other to fix up our cute little place.
2. I was serving in the YWs program as Laurels Adviser and Johnn was in the YMs with the Teachers.
3. We were thankful to be alive and uninjured after the truck was smashed into by a Tahoe and then a jackknifed semi.

1 year ago…
1. I was burning the midnight oil with a newborn baby.
2. I was adjusting to & enjoying parenthood.
3. I was feeling so blessed.

This year so far…
1. My little brother CJ got home from his mission in Brazil.
2. Michael has learned how to climb on everything.
3. I have enjoyed a fun two weeks with the Elggrens in town, playing hard every day.

1. I went to work in the morning.
2. I took Michael to get his bowed legs x-rayed.
3. I was sad when my indoor soccer game got canceled.

1. Enjoyed the fact that I don't work on Fridays... ever!
2. Did 4 loads of laundry, cleaned the house, ran on the treadmill, and played with Mikey.
3. Blogged

1. I am going to the gym.
2. I am going grocery shopping.
3. I think we should have a fun night out and rent a red box.

Next Year…
1. I will be pregnant or have another little one already.
2. Hopefully, we will have sold our house.
3. Michael's legs will be straight.

I tag Alli, Andrea, Natalie (that's what you get for being related to me- Lisa your off the hook, that is unless you get a blog) and anyone else who wants to reminisce.


The Kemps said...

I love this Monica!!!

Lisa said...

And you wonder why I DON"T blog?!

Heather & Matt Fisher said...

I just saw that you did my tag! How awesome!! I agree, I don't know why it always takes so long to get together. I think we have had some busy weekends lately, that's the only thing I can think of. I heard you won't be there this weekend, but let's definitely get together. heck, we dont even need the guys!!