Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wyoming January 2011

Johnn, Michael & I finally made it back up to the Wyoming cabin in January.  We got the snow-cat up and running and finished framing the basement.  That means sheet rock this summer.

my boys in the snow cat

 Let's just say it was a little chilly inside the cabin.  When we got there it was 33 degrees, but we got it warmed up... eventually.

 Mikey in his favorite red helmet.  I am so glad that he likes to wear it.

 We ran into a little road block that we could get by in the cat, but figured we would saw it down so that we can get cars up there this spring.
My picky little eater.  Yup, he had a bowl of Swedish fish for dinner. At least he got some calories in him, but I'm pretty sure the nutritional value ain't lookin' too good. 

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